GA Milano i is a group of architects who are committed in the organization of tours and events related to the architecture in Milan.

massimo tiano

Massimo Tiano, President and founding member of GA Milan, has a degree in Regional Planning, Urban and Environmental at the Politecnico di Milano. He worked for the Urban Center and is a consultant for Scenari Immobiliari, an independent institute of studies and research on real estate markets and the economy of the territory in Italy and Europe. From 2000 he worked with "AIM", Association of Metropolitan Interests, for the study and communication of urban transformations of the metropolitan areas of Milan, organizing guided tours.


berizzi-2.jpgCarlo Berizzi, founding member of GA Milan, is an architect and engineer. He is an university researcher in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Pavia, where he teaches in the master degree program in Building Engineering and Architecture. He is President of AIM, the Metropolitan Interests Association, which organizes projects, events and visits related to the architecture of Milan and the transformations of the metropolitan area. He is author of numerous papers and monographs of architecture including the Guide of Architecture of Milan for the German editor DOM Publishers.



Andrea Balestrini, studied Architecture at Politecnico of Milan and the University of Stuttgart. During his studies he developed architectural themes combining the traditional architectural approach of the Milanese school with sustainable low-tech approaches from the contemporary Mid-European scene. During his stay in Germany and Peru, Andrea gathered several experiences on urban and landscape planning. Currently he is working in Milan at the international landscape firm LAND S.r.l. as project manager for the areas Germany and Russia.